Phyllostachys vivax ‘Aureocaulis’

(2 customer reviews)

A spectacular giant evergreen bamboo reaching 10m+, with butter yellow culms randomly striped with green and reaching an impressive 13cm diameter. This is a very cold hardy plant that┬áneeds space, root barrier, sun and good irrigation – foliage looks its best protected from drying winds.

2 customer reviews for Phyllostachys vivax ‘Aureocaulis’

The Palm Centre were true gems in getting me the bamboo, in a couple of days, and it is nearly 4m, plenty of straight, healthy stems, of good thickness already, one with a beautiful wide green striping going nearly all the way up from the soil to the midst of the leaves in the tallest culm – so happy, thank you for your fantastic service xxx

Natalie G.

We have wanted some good sized Chinese Timber Bamboo for some time now, and we were even more delighted than we expected when they arrived! Beautiful, well grown , healthy plants! Excellent communications from The Palm center re possible problems during shipping as they are around 4 meters tall. They arrived in good condition, and are now gracing our garden with great style.

Lisa R.