Gunnera manicata

Giant rhubarb, Brazilian giant rhubarb, Dinosaur food

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Gunnera manicata, commonly known as Giant Rhubarb or Dinosaur Food, is a remarkable perennial that captures attention with its impressive stature. Native to the moist forests of South America, this botanical giant can reach heights of more than 2.5 metres. Its massive, umbrella-like leaves span over 2 metres in diameter, creating a striking canopy. During the summer, tall flower spikes emerge, boasting dense clusters of small, reddish-green flowers. Flourishing in moist, acidic soils and full-sun or partial shade, Gunnera manicata makes a captivating addition to waterside landscapes and larger gardens. Its striking size and unique appearance make it a sought-after focal point, adding a tropical and dramatic flair to outdoor spaces.

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Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Caring for Gunnera manicata, or Giant Rhubarb, requires attention to its unique needs. Plant it in a location that offers full sun or partial shade and moist, well-draining soil. Regular watering is crucial, especially in drier periods, to replicate its native damp habitat. Apply mulch to help retain moisture and regulate soil temperature. The gigantic leaves can benefit from occasional misting to maintain humidity.

In colder climates, protect the plant’s crown with a thick layer of mulch during winter. Pruning is mainly limited to removing dead or damaged foliage. With its specific requirements met, Gunnera manicata can thrive, showcasing its colossal leaves and captivating presence in your garden.

This colossal plant has leaves spanning over 2 metres in diameter, creating a captivating canopy, it’s essential to provide the plant with optimal conditions for achieving its maximum leaf size. To encourage the growth of the largest leaves, ensure it’s planted in a location with ample moisture, ideally near a water source. Consistent watering, mulching to retain moisture, and maintaining adequate soil fertility can contribute to the development of its impressive foliage.

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Propagating Gunnera manicata

Propagating Gunnera manicata

Gunnera manicata can be propagated through division. As the plant matures, it forms multiple crowns. You can carefully divide these crowns during the plant’s dormant period and replant them to create new plants.

Remember that Gunnera manicata can spread rapidly, so plan its location carefully to avoid overcrowding. With proper care, it can become a stunning focal point in a shaded garden or damp landscape.

13 customer reviews for Gunnera manicata

Well packaged and arrived when stated. Plant is in a very good condition and looks like it is beginning to show new growth already. Cant wait to get it in the ground in its new home.

mark dawes

Gunnera delivered exactly as requested (time place and fully informed all the way). Well packaged. Both in 7.5 litre pots (7.5-10 litres stated) and roots filled the pots. Healthy and happy in their new home. Will order again.


I was disappointed with the plant as it was to come in 10-15litre pot which it did but the plant did not fill it. I contacted customer service through email but no reply. I received a free plant which was lovely but I would have preferred value for money on the plant I ordered. Delivery was quick and correspondence was good up to delivery.


Bought this plant and was impressed with the size of it for the money. It was in perfect condition and was delivered quickly and the packaging was extremely substantial.

Jayne Jones