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Essential FAQ Olive trees: the questions you want answered right now

How old are your olive trees?

The olive trees we have in our nursery vary greatly in age. While we may be able to estimate the age of the younger ones, for the ancient olive trees we cannot give a precise age.

Can I use the olives for consumption?

You can attempt to brine the olives  that your tree produces, however the yield is so small that it’s not feasible to grow them for olive production. In the UK the climate does not allow the plants to bear fruit in any commercial quantity. Therefore, the olive trees we sell are sold only for ornamental purposes only.

Are your olive trees Xyllela free?

All our olive trees are imported under the strictest phytosanitary certification and are inspected on arrival to meet all the UK plant health import regulations.

The partners we work with are reputable growers that take all the necessary measures to prevent Xyllela from spreading.

Can I keep an olive tree as an indoor plant?

While olive trees have numerous benefits when grown outdoors, attempting to keep them as indoor plants poses several challenges and drawbacks.

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Want to find out more about olive trees?

Olive Trees 101: Loving your olive tree

Among the oldest cultivated trees in the world, the olive tree is a great addition to any garden. Growing well both in pots and in the ground, even in poor or stony soil.

Olive trees are evergreen and will add a Mediterranean feel to your garden, patio or balcony.

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Indoor olive trees: Are you making this common mistake?

Indoor plants add beauty and freshness to our living spaces, but not all plant species are suitable for indoor cultivation. One such example is the olive tree (Olea europaea).

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Tiny Terrors: Olive Trees Under Aphid Siege!

Olive trees, though typically associated with Mediterranean climates, have become increasingly popular in the United Kingdom due to their ornamental appeal and ability to withstand milder British winters. However, the UK’s unique climate can also attract unwanted pests, such as woolly aphids. These tiny insects can infest olive trees, causing damage to foliage and impeding their overall health.

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