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The Best Plants for Housewarming Presents

Here at the Palm Centre we believe that houseplants make the most wonderful housewarming gift. From students settling into a new share house to a young couple moving into their first home, giving someone a living organism is the most beautiful and sustainable way of wishing them success in their new environment.

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Top 5 Indoor Plants for Low Light Levels

It’s relatively easy to find houseplants that enjoy brightly lit indoor locations, either on a windowsill or nearby. But what about those darker corners of the room which don’t receive as much light? While no green plant can survive total darkness, you may be surprised to hear that there are plenty that can cope with lower light levels. Most of these plants originate from tropical and subtropical forests, where the dense canopy can greatly restrict the amount of light that filters down to the understorey, making them a perfect choice to lighten up those gloomy corners around the house.

Here are our top five picks for those tricky locations.


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Choosing decorative pots for your indoor plants

Most of the plants sold online will be delivered to you in plastic nursery pots. These are not always the best looking and most likely won’t fit any home style you may have. Here are some tips on how to choose the decorative pot that is the appropriate size for your newly purchased plant.

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Calathea dressleri 'Helen Kennedy'

Essential Tips for Vibrant Prayer Plants

Prayer plants can seem a high-maintenance choice at first, because they require the perfect combination elements. They thrive best when provided with tropical forest like conditions: warm, moist, gentle airflow, and a bit of fertiliser. But when you set up the best conditions from the start and understand how to care for this plant, it will fairly easy to maintain it.

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Unveiling the Optimal Light Levels Every Indoor Plant Craves!

Discover the secrets to cultivating a vibrant indoor garden by mastering the art of perfect lighting for your plants.

Explore the science behind different light levels, learn to identify your plant’s specific needs, and uncover practical hacks to ensure your green companions thrive.

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