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Secrets of the Sobbing Plants: Decoding the Drama of Weepy Houseplants

Have you ever seen a houseplant cry? Ok, well perhaps not actually weeping, but have you ever noticed that some houseplants drip a water-like substance from their leaves? If so, then you’ve witnessed a phenomenon that goes by the name of guttation.

Ever noticed water droplets on your plant’s leaves? It’s called guttation, and it’s a cool process where plants release excess water.

It's called guttation

It's called guttation

Guttation happens when plants release water droplets from the edges of their leaves. It’s a result of transpiration, where the roots take in water and then it’s released through small openings called stomata on the leaves.

When a plant takes in more water than it needs, the extra water is pushed out through tiny tubes called hydathodes, found at the edges of the leaves.

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