A Palm Centre Introduction: Agave montana

Here at the Palm Centre we’re passionate about plants and proud to have introduced several wonderful exotic plants to the UK. One of these is the beautiful Agave montana. Read more about this wonderful plant and the story of its discovery.

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How to frost-proof your outdoor pots

All of the outdoor pots we sell here at The Palm Centre are frost-proof. Even so, there are many things you can do to protect your pots from frost and keep them looking their best year-round. Read our handy tips below…

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Cold-damaged Palms: A Quick Guide

Here’s a short guide to treating cold-damaged palms in the UK. For a more in-depth article, click here. When it comes to cold damaged palms, the old adage is true: prevention is better than cure! If at all possible, protect palms from freezing temperatures in the first place with horticultural fleece. That said, if you … Continued

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Tree ferns 101: a comprehensive guide to look after your hardy tree ferns

Ferns are an extremely diverse category of plants that have survived since the age of dinosaurs. They are instantly recognizable by their pleasing architectural foliage, often finely divided.

The soft tree ferns are part of a group of about 25 species, spread mostly in the Southern hemisphere, and the soft tree fern, also known as Dicksonia antarctica, is one of them.

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Tropical Triumph: Mastering the Art of Hardy Banana Plant Care

Banana plants are among the easiest of exotic plants to grow and new species are introduced all the time.

The hardy banana tree is actually an herbaceous perennial (the world’s largest) despite being referred to as a tree. What looks like a trunk is actually tightly bound banana leaves.

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Choosing decorative pots for your indoor plants

Most of the plants sold online will be delivered to you in plastic nursery pots. These are not always the best looking and most likely won’t fit any home style you may have. Here are some tips on how to choose the decorative pot that is the appropriate size for your newly purchased plant.

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Calathea dressleri 'Helen Kennedy'

Essential Tips for Vibrant Prayer Plants

Prayer plants can seem a high-maintenance choice at first, because they require the perfect combination elements. They thrive best when provided with tropical forest like conditions: warm, moist, gentle airflow, and a bit of fertiliser. But when you set up the best conditions from the start and understand how to care for this plant, it will fairly easy to maintain it.

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Olive Trees 101: Loving your olive tree

Among the oldest cultivated trees in the world, the olive tree is a great addition to any garden. Growing well both in pots and in the ground, even in poor or stony soil.

Olive trees are evergreen and will add a Mediterranean feel to your garden, patio or balcony.

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Tiny Terrors: Olive Trees Under Aphid Siege!

Olive trees, though typically associated with Mediterranean climates, have become increasingly popular in the United Kingdom due to their ornamental appeal and ability to withstand milder British winters. However, the UK’s unique climate can also attract unwanted pests, such as woolly aphids. These tiny insects can infest olive trees, causing damage to foliage and impeding their overall health.

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Bamboo 101: How to make the most out of your bamboo

Bamboo is a wonderful, fast growing grass that will create an instant backdrop in your garden, a privacy screen or a hedge. With its astonishing growth rate, bamboo effortlessly establishes itself as a natural canvas, creating an instant backdrop that can redefine the aesthetic of your outdoor space.

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All about Phyllostachys

Bamboo is a versatile and attractive plant that can be used for a variety of purposes, including as a privacy screen, windbreak, or simply for its aesthetic appeal. Phyllostachys bamboo which is known as a running bamboo, is a popular choice for planting in the ground due to its fast growth rate and ability to form dense clumps.

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How to treat cold-damaged palms in the UK

When it comes to cold damaged palms, the old adage is true: prevention is better than cure! If at all possible, protect palms from freezing temperatures in the first place with horticultural fleece. That said, if you have a palm that has suffered with cold damage, keep reading to find out what you can do to give it the best chance of recovery and survival.

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Top Five Hardy Palms for the UK

If you’ve just discovered the wonderful world of hardy exotic gardening then you might be wondering what palm trees you can grow in the UK climate. Here’s our list of the top five that we recommend.


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Top ground ferns for dry shade

One of nature’s resilient marvels – ground ferns – are perfectly suited for the challenging conditions of dry shade. In the often overlooked corners of gardens, where sunlight struggles to penetrate and moisture is scarce, these remarkable ferns thrive against all odds, adding a touch of lush greenery to even the most shaded areas.


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