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Frequently Asked Questions about Houseplants

All of your questions about houseplants answered…

How often should I feed my house plants?

With some house plants, you can feed them according to the guidelines of the particular fertilizer you choose. It may look like it’s not enough and you could be tempted to add more than the recommended dose but do remember that the correct dosages will prevent the roots from getting burned from too much nitrogen concentration.
As a rule of thumb, once a month, a mild solution of a balanced organic fertiliser is ideal to be applied in the growing season.

How often should I water my house plants?

Watering houseplants is always a tricky business. Some love to always have their soil moist, others like to be on the drier side. Also, every home is different, and winters are not the same as summers.

Conditions differ throughout the year, all over the country and plants have different preferences.
Make sure you read the care instructions that come with the plant and adjust that according to your home.

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