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How to install bamboo root barrier

When planting a running bamboo (e.g. Phyllostachys) in the ground, it is essential that you install a root barrier. See our video and other tips below to make sure you are installing it correctly.



Dig out a trench that defines the area you wish your bamboo to grow in to a depth that allows the barrier membrane to protrude 10-15cm above ground level. Most of the root barrier should be submerged with only a few centimetres visible above the soil surface.

When installing the membrane your aim should be to slant it, with the top edge angled away from the bamboo being planted, so that the membrane slopes outwards. This is done so that when rhizomes reach the barrier they will then be directed upwards naturally, allowing you to see them and remove them.

To achieve this on the corners hold the membrane in place by the top, pull out the bottom and create a fold (it helps to use stakes to hold one section at a time in place).

Joining root barrier

Joining root barrier

When joining two ends of the membrane together allow a minimum overlap of 0.5m.

Where the root barrier overlaps, seal the ends with Gaffer tape or use a metal fastener to bolt the ends together. Either way, ensure no earth gets between the layers – this is crucial to the success of the product. After planting your bamboo make sure the membrane is bedded in well, and then your installation is complete!

Please see the video below for further instructions.

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