Bamboo root barrier

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Bamboo root barrier is a very effective way to prevent the spread of invasive running bamboo species. The flat smooth surface of the barrier directs the rhizomes back into the restricted planted area and preventing rampant growth. This is specially designed for bamboo at 1mm thick and 70cm wide.


Why Use Root Barrier?

When unconfined, invasive bamboo can spread underground without any apparent signs on the surface, before suddenly emerging on your (or your neighbour’s!) lawn. If left until too late, removing invasive bamboo from a garden is both costly and disruptive.

The problem stems from bamboo’s rhizomes, which are underground stems that run parallel to the surface and can travel a considerable distance from the original plant. Root barrier solves this issue: when the rhizome makes contact with the barrier it is directed to the surface and transforms into foliated growth, which can be monitored and trimmed accordingly, containing your bamboo within the desired area.


Dig out a trench that defines the area you wish your bamboo to grow in to a depth that allows the barrier membrane to protrude 6-7cm above ground level. Most of the root barrier should be submerged with only a few centimetres visible above the soil surface.

When installing the membrane your aim should be to slant it, with the top edge angled away from the bamboo being planted, so that the membrane slopes outwards. To achieve this on the corners hold the membrane in place by the top, pull out the bottom and create a fold (It helps to use stakes to hold one section at a time in place).

Installation cont.

When rhizomes reach the barrier they will then be directed upwards naturally, When joining two ends of the membrane together allow a minimum overlap of 0.5m.

Where the root barrier overlaps, seal the ends with Gaffer tape to ensure no earth gets between the layers – this is crucial to the success of the product. After planting your bamboo make sure the membrane is bedded in well, and then your installation is complete!


Once a year in Autumn inspect and cut off any rhizomes that may have attempted to escape over the barrier.

2 customer reviews for Bamboo root barrier

Great advice received from The Palm Centre on how to install it. I have been fighting with my neighbour’s bamboo for the past 4 years. I hope this will keep the runners coming into my garden.

Robert N. (verified owner)

Bamboo root barrier received is easy to cut to size and so far is very effective at keeping the bamboo in check.

Richard perry