Sansevieria kirkii ‘Friends’

star sansevieria

A twist on the classic Snake Plant. The Star Sansevieria is a new species, recently brought into cultivation.

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Care Size & Guidance

Care Size & Guidance

The Star Sansevieria is a brilliant choice for both new and seasoned plant owners alike, providing impressive towering vertical forms whilst being one of the easiest plants to look after.

Though it tolerates shade, Sansevieria kirkii is at its best in well lit environments. Nonetheless, it is a slow growing plant in any lighting conditions.

Water when the soil has dried out several centimetres, allowing it to dry out further in winter months, never left sitting in moisture.

Expert Tip

Like all other Mother-in-Law plants, the Star Sansevieria thrives on neglect, just make sure not to overwater it! Otherwise, it can survive in most lighting conditions and can survive without watering for prolonged periods of time.