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What is an evergreen fern?

Evergreen plants are species of plants that are adapted to keep their foliage all year round. They are ideal to provide year-round interest, as opposed to deciduous plants which lose their leaves in winter.

Can you keep ferns in a pot?

Ferns can grow in pots without any problem. They will grow in shady places where other plants will fail to thrive. Their fibrous root system will expand quite fast in rich, well-drained soil with an abundance of organic matter.

Can I keep an outdoor fern indoors?

Ground ferns can be kept indoors also. They can be kept indoors over the winter, provided you mist them with water every other day to prevent the tips from getting brown.

Are coffee grounds good for ferns?

Coffee grounds are in general very acidic. You can apply once a year, in spring, to help to acidify the soil, however you should stay away from doing this too often as high acidity in the soil may inhibit growth.

Can I use Epsom salts on my ferns?

Epsom salts are made from a compound called magnesium sulphate. Magnesium is an essential component of the chlorophyll in the leaves. Plants in pots can benefit from extra magnesium, as many of the nutrients get washed away by rain and watering.

Use two teaspoons for every 5 litres of water and apply once a month in the growing season. This will help the leaves have a rich, deep dark green colour.

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