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Should I repot my palm tree immediately as I receive it?

We recommend allowing the palm tree to adjust to its new home before repotting for a period of 2-3 months. This will minimize the stress on the plant when repotting.

Make sure to minimize handling the root ball when repotting, as most palm trees don’t like their roots to be disturbed.

How often should I repot my palm tree?

Indoor palm trees are fairly slow growing in the average UK home. Therefore, repotting should be done every 3-4 years, not often than that.

What soil mix should I use for repotting my palm tree?

Most specialized indoor soil mixes are perfect for repotting the palm trees. The mix should be free draining and contain structural materials like seramis, perlite, vermiculite etc. These will ensure a good structure long term, act as air pockets and buffers for fertilisers applied.

How often should I water the indoor palm trees?

We do not recommend watering according to a schedule as conditions vary greatly from home to home.

Water whenever the top 2 inches of soil are dry to touch.

In time, you’ll learn how the pot feels when lifted and understand the pattern on which to water your palm trees.

If unsure, investing in a soil moisture meter might help.

Why are the tips of the leaves turning brown?

While there can be multiple reasons for which the leaves’ tips turn brown, one of the most common reasons is the moisture in the air or inappropriate lighting conditions.

Place the plant on a tray with pebbles filled with water to enhance moisture in the air and move the plant from direct sun light.

What products should I use to clean the leaves?

The best way to clean up dust build-up on the leaves is to use a wet cloth to clean the leaves. We strongly advise against using leaf shiner products, even if they are branded as “natural”. They will clog the plant’s pores (called stomata) and suffocate the plant.

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