Not Another Jungle – Houseplant Superfood


Superfood is the perfect fertiliser for all your plants! It contains essential nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium and Fulvic, as well as Amino Acids, to help promote healthy leaves and new growth, strong roots and resilience against disease, the movement of nutrients through the plant and resistance to low temperatures, and soil biochemistry and increased availability and uptake of nutrients.

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How to apply Superfood

How to apply Superfood

Mix one scoop of Superfood into 4.5L (1 gallon) of water. Feed with every other watering during the growing season.

Reduce feeding during times of slower growth or dormancy (usually Autumn / Winter).

Key ingredients

Key ingredients

Nitrogen: For healthy leaves and new growth

Phosphorous: For strong roots and resilience against disease

Potassium: For the movement of nutrients through the plant and resistance to low temperatures

Fulvic acid: Promotes soil biochemistry and increases the availability and uptake of nutrients

Amino acids: Building blocks of plant cells

Key benefits

Key benefits

Stronger, more established root system
Promotes seed germination and faster rooting of cuttings
Increases stress and drought tolerance of your plants
Stimulates a healthy soil biology and structure


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