Philodendron tortum

skeleton philodendron

Set apart from other Philodendrons by its thin and long leaves, which are known to unfurl spectacularly, the P. tortum would make for a unique addition to any collection!

Native to Brazil and Bolivia and very hard to find, these indoor plants are always a big a conversation starter.

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Expert Tip

If a humidifier does not help to keep the moisture levels up, the plant can be placed in a glass cabinet. A clear statement about a special plant!
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

The plant is not used to intense light. It’s best to be placed a few meters away from a window in a North or East facing room to receive only limited amounts of light in the morning.

A bathroom would be ideal for the skeleton philodendron, as a good level of humidity in the air should be around 50-70%. A cool-mist humidifier can help improve the air moisture, especially in winter and prevent the plant from developing brown tips.

As it is a climber, it will eventually require either a moss pole to climb onto or a bamboo support to keep the plant upright.


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