Spathiphyllum ‘Vivaldi’

Peace Lily


Spathiphyllum ‘Vivaldi’, a stunning peace lily variant, features glossy green foliage and beautiful white flower spathes, enhancing indoor spaces with elegance. Perfect for low-light conditions, it’s an excellent choice for beginners and those with busy schedules. ‘Vivaldi’ also purifies indoor air, making it ideal for offices and homes.

Its compact size, reaching up to 75 centimetres tall, ensures versatility in any setting. With regular watering and occasional fertilisation, this plant thrives, promising vibrant blooms and lush growth.


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Origin: Tropical areas of Central and South America
Genus: Spathiphyllum
Species / Cultivar: 'Vivaldi'
Common Name: Peace Lily

Plant Biography

Spathiphyllum, part of the Araceae family, originates from tropical regions of the Americas. Discovered by Western horticulture in the 19th century, its name means “spathe-leaf” in Greek, referring to its characteristic flower structure. It’s valued for its ornamental foliage and air-purifying properties.

This particular cultivar ‘Vivaldi’ is celebrated for it’s noticeably larger flower spathes.

There are many modern hybrids and cultivars of Spathiphyllum with variations in the size and scent of the flower spathe, many with larger and/or variegated foliage. Their popularity is surely, in part, due to how easily they thrive as houseplants in cooler climates.

Spathiphyllum ‘Vivaldi’
Light: Bright Indirect
This plant likes sun, but keep out of direct sunlight. Best placed in an area near a window.
Soil: Indoor Potting Mix
Enjoys moist well drained soil with composted organics and some drainage material.
Growth Rate: Medium
Expect to see moderate growth during growing season.
Water Requirement: Regular Watering
Water when soil surface is dry to the touch. Water must draining easily away.
Humidity: Medium
Easygoing in regular home conditions, keep away from cold draughts and heat sources.
Maintenance: Low
Requires no attention beyond correct position and watering. An ideal starter plant!
Eventual Height: 0.75m
The plant's ultimate height in typical growing conditions.
Eventual Spread: 0.3m
The plant's ultimate spread in typical growing conditions.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Spathiphyllum ‘Vivaldi’ thrives in indirect light and well-drained, evenly moist soil. Water when the top inch of soil feels dry, and mist occasionally to maintain humidity. Keep temperatures above 15°C and avoid drafts. As a compact plant, it typically reaches heights of up to 75 centimetres, making it suitable for small to medium indoor spaces.

Regular pruning of spent blooms and yellowing leaves helps maintain its tidy appearance. Fertilise lightly during the growing season to encourage healthy growth and occasional repotting when roots become crowded ensures continued vitality.


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