Maranta leuconeura ‘Lemon’

Lemon Prayer plant

Admired by many for their unique, intricately patterned and colourful foliage, Prayer Plants make for stunning statement plants to add a tropical flair to your home.

The Lemon (or sometimes called ‘Lemon Lime’) cultivar of the Maranta leuconeura is a new addition to the Prayer Plants family, showing in cultivation only in the past 3-4 years.

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Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Prayer Plants can be fussy when placed in the wrong location, so choosing a good spot is essential.

A place with bright but indirect light is ideal. Avoid south facing spots with too much intense direct sunlight, unless you diffuse the light with a sheer curtain.

Like other Prayer Plants this plant enjoys high humidity, but overly wet soil can quickly lead to root rot.

Wipe the leaves regularly to prevent a build up of dust.

Expert Tip

The Lemon Lime Prayer plant is easy to propagate. Cut longer stems containing at least one node and put them in water. Plant them back in the pot as soon as the new roots reach 1-2 cm, for a fuller looking plant.
Choosing the right pot for your plant

Choosing the right pot for your plant

Not sure what pot size to choose for your indoor plant?

We’ve put together a few tips and tricks on how to choose the correct decorative pot.