Aglaomorpha coronans ‘Jim’

Snake Leaf, Basket Fern

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Aglaomorpha coronans ‘Jim’ is a gorgeous, easy to care for tropical fern, with large segmented fronds and a snake skin like texture.

The Basket Fern seems to be made for anyone that is at the beginning of their plant parenting journey but want to give it a try with this the unusual fern.

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Expert Tip

There is no need to repot this plant anytime soon. The plant does not require more space to spread its roots, but if severely pot bound, it can be moved in a larger pot and the pot can be backfilled with orchid repotting mix.
Aglaomena's fronds

Aglaomena's fronds

The Basket Fern, draws its name from the 2 types of fronds it has: sterile fronds, which are rounded shallowly-lobed reddish-brown fronds overlapping each other, and fertile fronds which have deep green shade with an almost leathery feel to the touch.

Like in other epiphytic ferns, the sterile fronds are forming a protective shield under which the plant’s roots are nested.

The fertile fronds are larger and deeply lobed.

Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

The Snake Leaf loves an acidic medium to grow into or even onto. Though it may prove difficult for a plant enthusiast to transfer a potted plant to an epiphytic growing media, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

A slightly acidic medium is perfect for it. In order to acidify the soil, bark chips can be placed at the of the pot to allow the tannins to sip through the growing media when watering.

Keep the plant into a room with high moisture in the air or mist every other day to prevent brown tips from forming. The best way to water the plant is bottom watering. Submerge the pot in water and allow it to soak through the root system. Drain completely before placing it back into its decorative pot.

Feed once a month with half strength balanced organic fertiliser.

1 customer review for Aglaomorpha coronans ‘Jim’

Really really healthy quality specimen, not a single leaf was damaged. well packaged and arrived very promptly. This isn’t always the case with buying plants online. I was emailed and kept informed of delivery. Very happy ! Thank you!

Lester (verified owner)