Fortunella margarita


The Kumquat is a plant in the citrus family which produces small, olive-sized fruit with a somewhat sour flesh surrounded by a sweet edible skin. When eaten whole, the fruits provide a delicious balance of sweet and sour which has made them a hugely popular crop worldwide.

It is an evergreen, large shrub or small tree left to its own devices but usually managed and pruned to keep it compact and the fruit crop easier to harvest.

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Expert Tip

Overwinter this plant somewhere cool and bright, but keep away from central heating as it hates the dry indoor environment of residential homes and offices.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Easily grown in the greenhouse and conservatory where its oval glossy leaves and magnificently scented flowers can be appreciated. It makes a wonderful patio plant in the summer and but should be brought under glass during the winter, although mature plants can withstand several degrees of frost.

Feed with a specially formulated Citrus Fertiliser during the Spring and Summer.


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