Archontophoenix myolensis

Myola Alexander Palm

Beautiful, arching bright green fronds will make this palm a focal point in your collection. Hailing from the Atherton Tableland in Queensland, Australia, Archontophoenix myolensis is a stunning houseplant.

Rather upright when young, the plant will eventually form a light-green crownshaft before starting to trunk.

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Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Archontophoenix myolensis palms grow naturally in volcanic soils so use a rich potting mix with good drainage.

They can tolerate standing in water during the warmer months, but do not allow this to happen over the winter when watering should be reduced.

Feed regularly with a palm fertiliser during the growing season to speed up growth and keep it looking its best.

Expert Tip

Give it plenty of water during warm weather and it will reward you with quick growth.


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