Caryota mitis

Fishtail Palm, Burmese Fishtail Palm, Clustering Fishtail Palm

Few palms can evoke the tropical forests of Southeast Asia quite like Caryota mitis. The triangular fronds are held in a rather upright fashion, as if they are fish tails sliding back down into the water.

Each new frond emerges a fresh, light green before darkening to a pleasing emerald shade, and each new leaf is bigger than the last until they reach approximately 3 metres in length!

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Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Well suited to most indoor situations, the Fishtail Palm is a rarely-seen plant that deserves a wider audience.

Although these plants can eventually get large, they are fairly slow growing so will not need to be potted up for several years.

Water regularly during the warmer months, but hold off a little in winter. Feed regularly with a palm fertiliser to encourage faster and healthier growth.

Expert Tip

To remove dust and sediment on the leaves, try placing the plant under a very cool shower once or twice a year.


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