Aeschynanthus radicans ‘Mona Lisa’

lipstick plant

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Aeschynanthus radicans ‘Mona Lisa’ is a wonderful hanging houseplant that will adorn any brightly lit spot in your home.

A wonderful addition to any room, the Lipstick Plant will reward you time and time again with wonderful crimson red flowers.

Origin: Malay Peninsula and Java island
Genus: Aeschynanthus
Species / Cultivar: radicans 'Mona Lisa'
Common Name: lipstick plant

Plant Biography

Aeschyanthus is a group of more than 150 species and countless cultivars that are native to tropical forests of South East Asia. The genus name comes from a contraction of aischuno (to be ashamed) and anthos (flower).

In the wild, the flowers are pollinated by sunbirds, which can reach down the tubular flowers for nectar.

The ‘Mona Lisa’ variety of the Lipstick plant has a flatter and broader leaf compared to other cultivars of the Aeschyanthus.

Aeschynanthus 'Mona Lisa'
Light: Bright Indirect
This plant likes sun, but keep out of direct sunlight. Best placed in an area near a window.
Soil: Indoor Potting Mix
Enjoys moist well drained soil with composted organics and some drainage material.
Growth Rate: Fast
Capable of prolific growth, especially during growing season.
Water Requirement: Regular Watering
Water when soil surface is dry to the touch. Water must draining easily away.
Humidity: Medium
Easygoing in regular home conditions, keep away from cold draughts and heat sources.
Maintenance: Low
Requires no attention beyond correct position and watering. An ideal starter plant!

Expert Tip

Although in cultivation the Lipstick Plant is grown is soil, the plant is actually an epiphytic, growing soilless on trees. Because of this, the plant easily propagates by cuttings and it requires virtually no repotting.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

The Lipstick plant is a perfect plant for hanging baskets. Make sure to keep the plant in a bright spot, but avoid direct sunlight.

Fertilise every other month with a weak solution of houseplant fertiliser or mist with a foliar fertiliser (like an orchid myst solution) as the plant will absorb nutrients through the leaves and stalks.

To make the plant look fuller in the pot, take cuttings from longer vines and plant them back in the pot immediately. They will root through very fast while the cut vine will branch out.


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