Guzmania lingulata ‘Amaretto’

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Guzmania are easy to care plants, with “flowers” that can last for up to 12 weeks. They delight the eye for up to five months, which gives the flower a special charm.

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Expert Tip

The Bromeliads are epiphytic plants, therefore there's no need to repot it, as it does not require soil to grow. Watering should be done in the "cup" formed by the leaves.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Guzmania will thrive in room with high air moisture (a bathroom, kitchen, etc).

Water it regularly in the cup and provide a weak solution of fertiliser every 10-14 days.

Keep the plant looking at its best by misting it every morning with distilled water (or filtered rain water).

The plant will die after the flowering period, but new plants can be easily propagated from shoots that come out as the mother plant dies.


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