Stephania pierrei ‘Erecta’

binh voi

The Stephania pierrei is one of the quirkiest house plants out there and its fame is mainly due to the recent years events.


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Care Size & Guidance

Care Size & Guidance

As much as possible try to mimic the natural environment of the plant when choosing a spot for it.

A nice dappled light, high humidity room, it makes it the perfect plant for a bathroom, a vivarium or a humid conservatory.

Feed with a balanced fertiliser diluted to half strength every two months. Avoid watering the caudex.

The leaves of the Stephania pierrei are toxic to cats and dogs. If you know your beloved pet loves to munch on leaves, try to keep this one isolated.

Expert Tip

To avoid pets from munching on the leaves a great idea is to place the plant in a vivarium or under a glass dome.
Choosing the right pot for your plant

Choosing the right pot for your plant

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