Yucca elephantipes

Spineless yucca

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Create striking, angular impact with very little effort, Yucca elephantipes is not only a powerful tool in the interior design arsenal for sunny spaces, but also an incredibly striking and attractive desert plant in its own right.

Featuring multiple towering trunks, topped by crowns of leathery green leaves which slowly arch over time, eventually falling off and being replaced with new growth which gradually increases its height.

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Origin: Mexico
Genus: Yucca
Species / Cultivar: elephantipes
Common Name: Spineless yucca
Synonym: Yucca gigantea

Plant Biography

Native to Mexico and Central America, in the wild in their native habitat they grow up to 8-12 metres in height.

The ‘Spineless Yucca’, named as such because, unlike many other varieties of Yucca, the leaves have no spines. It became one of the most iconic houseplants of the 80s and recently, like many icons from the 80s, it’s having a huge resurgence in popularity, and we can see why.

Yucca elephantipes
Light: Direct
This plant likes as much sun as possible. Best placed in direct sunlight in a bright window.
Soil: Cacti and Succulent Mix
Enjoys a drier soil with a high ratio of drainage material.
Temperature: 15-25°C
Temperature range at which this plant is healthiest and grows best.
Growth Rate: Slow
Expect to see quite small amounts of growth over the years.
Final Size: Tall
Final size will work as a large stand-alone specimen plant.
Water Requirement: Light Watering
Water when several cm of soil depth is dry to the touch. Water must draining easily away.
Humidity: Low
Suited to fairly dry air, typically because it evolved in an arid climate.
Maintenance: Low
Requires no attention beyond correct position and watering. An ideal starter plant!

Expert Tip

Yucca elephantipes is perfect for placing in a sunny corner, conservatory or greenhouse and looks great either amongst other desert plants, or as a statement specimen by itself.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Indoors in the UK climate, Yucca elephantipes’ ultimate height is about 1 to 2 metres. If your Yucca elephantipes gets too tall for the space it’s in, simply cut the stem near the base and it will sprout again.

Our Yucca elephantipes are sold as several specimens in one pot, to achieve the popular appearance of the plants growing at several heights, which reduces the ‘leggyness’ of a tall individual specimen. Different litre size options are planted with different numbers of specimens, with the larger pots having more.

Yucca elephantipes are tolerant of neglect, low light and low humidity.

top quality plant very tall very well packet first class all round
top quality plant very tall very well packet first class all round

2 customer reviews for Yucca elephantipes

top quality plant very tall very well packet first class all round

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