Indoor pot Jort – Metal Brown

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Hello, Jort! Especially for anyone who is looking for a large metal flowerpot for indoors, which is both stylish and practical.

Choose from shiny brown and black, and four different sizes. Create a beautiful eye catcher with a large Monstera Deliziosa. With Jort and a tall house plant such as a Pachira or Yucca you can fill up an empty corner in the living room.

Combine Jort with flowering houseplants like the Bromelia and Cymbidium for a contrasting look. Metal goes well with flowers.

This pot is not guaranteed to be 100% watertight, so we recommend a separate waterproof liner to prevent against damage.

Species / Cultivar:
Care guidance

Care guidance

The indoor Jort pot is made of metal, welded by hand, and it’s not waterproof. A separate plastic liner is recommended to prevent leaks and the metal from oxidizing.

Metal pots should be placed on a felt pad, especially when placed on carpets. This will prevent indentations from forming under weight of the pot.


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