Hosta ‘Patriot’

(2 customer reviews)

Plantain Lilies are deciduous herbaceous perennials and unrivalled stalworts of the woodland garden

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Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

2 customer reviews for Hosta ‘Patriot’

I didnt know much about Hostas before purchasing this Patriot variety. Research shows its hardy down to – 20°C and can handle a bit of wind so I purchased one for my balcony.

It is a beautiful and healthy plant that has given four new leaves in the first two weeks. It can handle the sun fine although prolonged exposure to midday sun may be an issue so Ive give it a partly shady spot.

Of course the leaves will all disappear in the late autumn to spring back again in… Spring and in the meantime you can enjoy a beautiful bushy plant that is also very low maintenance. In fact I was so pleased I purchased the Hosta Wide Brim as well.

Shehzad M.

Im very impressed with the fact that there is absolutely NO slug damage on either of the three hostas I ordered. All three of them are in perfect condition (for now!). Theyre also much larger than I expected. In my experience, ordering plants online means you get teeny tiny juvenile plants that have been cut back to within an inch of their life. Thats not been the case with the Palm Centre. Every plant I received exceeded my expectations. They were all in wonderful condition and large enough to make an instant impact in the garden.

Joshua R.