Fargesia robusta ‘Pingwu’

Umbrella bamboo

Fargesia robusta, as the species name implies, is one of the more robust growing Fargesia bamboos.

Although variable it is typically upright and tall, withstanding more exposure than many and has a tight, non-invasive clumping habit. It is one of the earliest bamboos to break soil in spring – an event much heralded in bamboo growing circles! – and the persistent white culm sheaths contrast beautifully with the dark green canes to give what is often described as a chequerboard effect.

The form ‘Pingwu’ is slightly shorter than some forms of Fargesia robusta with smaller leaves and a slightly more open habit.

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Expert Tip

When creating hedges, place the plants about one meter apart to allow space for the bamboo to spread.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

This variety of clump forming bamboo is ideal for being kept both in planters or in the ground.

Plant using multi-purpose compost to enrich the soil with organic matter. Feed heavily in subsequent years to allow vigorous growth.

Though it can withstand short periods of drought, the plant requires copious amounts of water to thrive.  Either in a pot (with drainage holes) or in the ground, there is no way you can overwater it.


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