Dryopteris lepidopoda

Sunset Fern

The Sunset Fern is a hardy evergreen fern with upright, arching apple-green foliage. Characteristically, new fronds unfurl in glowing pink and red tones that lend it its common name.

Dryopteris lepidopoda is a perfect choice of fern to light up a shady border or to add colour and texture to a well watered container that provides interest all year round.

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Expert Tip

The Sunset Fern is excellent for mass plantings in a range of terrain such as rock gardens, woodland gardens and even containers in damp shady positions.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

This fern has low maintenance requirements and is easy to grow.

Healthy lush perfect fern.

Stacey H.

Healthy lush perfect fern.

1 customer review for Dryopteris lepidopoda

Healthy lush perfect fern.

stacey H.