Polystichum makinoi

Makino's Holly Fern

Polystichum makinoi is a magnificent evergreen fern from Asia with bipinnate, glossy deep green fronds. Perfect for ground cover or as a woodland specimen.

The Makinos Holly Fern makes for a neat, medium to large sized fern with a non-spreading, tidy growing habit.

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Expert Tip

A great fern for ground cover or for small planters in shaded spots. Combine it with brightly coloured plants for a maximum impact.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

The Polystichum makinoi is a very easy to care for fern. Plant in hummus rich, moist soil.

Fertilise every spring with a high nitrogen fertiliser to encourage vigorous growth.

Prune old or damaged leaves in spring and cut back in late winter or spring to keep it under control.


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