Hedera helix ‘Green Ripple’

common ivy, English ivy

Hedera helix is a vigorous vine, fast growing in most settings. A valuable plant for every garden, the Hedera helix has many uses, as it can cover walls, create leafy backdrops or fill winter hanging baskets and containers.

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Expert Tip

The English ivy can be a bit of a misunderstood plant. It may require a bit of trimming from time to time to keep it under control. When used as a wall cover, a trellis would be ideal to prevent the fibrous roots from attaching to the wall.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Plant in early spring in moist, free draining soil and allow it to spread by creating vertical support systems (trellises, poles etc.).

Once established, the plant will tolerate a whole range of conditions and will become hardier as it matures.

Expert Tip

The sap of the English ivy can be irritating to sensitive skin. Use gloves when handling this plant.


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