Hedera helix ‘Green Ripple’

common ivy, English ivy

Hedera helix is a vigorous vine, fast growing in most settings. A valuable plant for every garden, the Hedera helix has many uses, as it can cover walls, create leafy backdrops or fill winter hanging baskets and containers.

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Origin: Europe and western Asia
Genus: Hedera
Species / Cultivar: helix var. 'Green ripple'
Common Name: common ivy, English ivy

Plant Biography

Hedera helix is a widely spread plant throughout Europe and western Asian woodlands and it has it has an intricate history with most European cultures. It is said to symbolise fidelity and eternal life. Ancient Greeks used it as a symbol of Dionysus, the god of wine and fertility, often depicted wearing a wreath of ivy. As a symbol of fidelity, priests were presenting the newly married couples with a wreath of ivy and this custom still persists in some places.

Hedera helix 'Green Ripple'
Soil: Moist but Well Drained
Soil that allows water to drain at a moderate rate, without the water pooling.
Growth Rate: Fast
Expect to see prolific growth, especially during growing season.
Water Requirement: Medium
Once it is established, this plant is likely to only require watering during drier periods.
Maintenance: A little
Easy to look after but may occasionally require some attention in order to thrive.
Situation: Full Sun to Full Shade
Tolerates the complete range of light levels, a very accommodating plant!
Eventual Height: 1-1.5m
The plant's ultimate height in typical growing conditions.
Eventual Spread: 1-1.5m
The plant's ultimate spread in typical growing conditions.
Hardiness: Fully Hardy
Will survive unprotected outdoors in most areas of the UK, even in the harshest winters.
Habit: Evergreen
Always in leaf throughout the year. It won't lose all its leaves at any one time.
Lifecycle: Perennial
This plant is persistant and does not die off after flowering. It will return each season indefinitely, if provided with suitable growing conditions.

Expert Tip

Some people are mildly allergic to the oils in Hedera helix, so wear a mask and gloves when trimming.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Plant in early spring in moist, free draining soil and allow it to spread by creating vertical support systems (trellises, poles etc.).

Once established, the plant will tolerate a whole range of conditions and will become hardier as it matures.

Expert Tip

The sap of the English ivy can be irritating to sensitive skin. Use gloves when handling this plant.


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