Lobelia angulata ‘Treadwellii’

White Star Creeper, pānakenake

Lobelia angulata ‘Treadwellii’ is a vigorous dense mat-forming perennial with small toothed-edge leaves. Ideal as a ground cover in semi-shaded areas and moderately wet conditions.

Small flowers appear from spring to autumn followed by purple-red berries.

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Expert Tip

White Star Creeper makes an excellent, dense groundcover or is great interplanted between spring flowering bulbs. Also good as filler between stepping stones. Tolerates varying amounts of foot traffic.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

It’s a fast growing and easy to establish plant. It roots easily, as soon as the stems come into contact with soil. In cultivation it will grow over itself making an informal undulating bright green ground cover.

Lobelia angulata will die back in winter in cold winter areas.