Acer palmatum ‘Autumn Red’

Japanese maple

As Japanese Maples go, ‘Autumn Red’ is relatively fast-growing and vigorous, being slightly more upright in habit and also perhaps more tolerant of ordinary garden soil.

The emerging leaves are bright red, darkening slightly as they age and turning back to bright scarlet again for a stunning autumn display.

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Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

It is one of the showiest and most colourful Japanese Maples. Position Acer palmatum ‘Autumn Red’ where the evening sun can shine through the leaves and they really will glow as if on fire.

Their finely dissected leaves are a study in light and shadow and always lend a touch of class to a mixed planting. Soil needs to be evenly moist and preferably chalk-free to prevent leaf tips from scorching.

Can also be easily grown in a tub as long as watering needs are catered for.

Expert Tip

A mound forming variety it is ideal located near to a water feature where you can benefit from double the effect as it's reflection dances on the waters surface.


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