Fatsia polycarpa ‘Green Fingers’

aralia Green Fingers

Only recently having become available, this is an exciting evergreen foliage plant that will do well in a sheltered garden.

Fatsia polycarpa ‘Green Fingers’ has attractive leaves that are palm like, with narrow ‘fingers’ which add to the tropical effect. For best effect it should sheltered by a wall, a fence or a hedge and is excellent combined with other plants.

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Expert Tip

Grow Fatsia polycarpa against a dark background to best show off its delightful leaves.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Fatsia polycarpa demands minimum care once established. it largely looks after itself, requiring only an occasional watering in very warm or dry weather. Old leaves can be removed or left on to abscise naturally.

In spring it produces umbels of creamy white flowers and thereafter, small, round, black fruits.


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