Skimmia japonica ‘Kew White’

A delightful compact evergreen shrub with glossy dark green foliage and small rounded panicles of pale green autumn-winter buds, opening to white spring flowers that lead to stunning clusters of white berries if pollinated.

Skimmia japonica ‘Kew White’ thrives in shade, though it copes in sun with good moisture – an invaluable addition to the garden or winter container display.

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Origin: Parent species from E and SE Asia
Genus: Skimmia
Species / Cultivar: x confusa 'Kew White'
Soil: Ericaceous
Will not tolerate an alkaline pH, so pot in ericaceous compost if site is not neutral to acid.
Growth Rate: Medium
Expect to see moderate growth during growing season.
Water Requirement: Medium
Once it is established, this plant is likely to only require watering during drier periods.
Maintenance: A little
Easy to look after but may occasionally require some attention in order to thrive.
Situation: Part Shade to Full Shade
Can enjoy several hours of direct sunlight, but also happy in full shade.
Eventual Height: 0.5-1m
The plant's ultimate height in typical growing conditions.
Eventual Spread: 1-1.5m
The plant's ultimate spread in typical growing conditions.
Hardiness: Fully Hardy
Will survive unprotected outdoors in most areas of the UK, even in the harshest winters.
Habit: Evergreen
Always in leaf throughout the year. It won't lose all its leaves at any one time.

Expert Tip

You will need to have a male Skimmia, like Skimmia 'Kew Green', nearby to pollinate females like this Skimmia ‘Kew White,’ so as to ensure they produce their lovely berries.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Skimmia Kew White demands well-draining, moist soil and thrives in partial to full shade, making it an excellent choice for shaded areas and winter display containers. Regular watering, particularly in drier periods, supports its growth.

Minimal pruning is needed, mainly for shaping or removing dead branches in early spring. Reaching a compact size of around 05-1 metre in height and width, this variety fits well in smaller gardens or pots, adding a touch of elegance with its glossy evergreen foliage and fragrant white blossoms in spring.

1 customer review for Skimmia japonica ‘Kew White’

Healthy plant, great soil in decent sized pot, well packaged, not a flimsy small plant, but probably needs a years growth to get established. Id recommend this.