Cactus and Succulent Focus


Cactus and Succulent Focus is specifically formulated for optimum growth and flowering of the widest range of cacti and succulents.

A carefully balanced formula of nutrients, it is manufactured from pure mineral salts and is urea-free. Cactus and Succulent Focus is ideal for cacti and succulents, which are normally grown in pots and have a small volume of growing medium.


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Cactus and Succulent Focus is easy to use. Simply mix 5 ml per litre of clean water and use with every watering throughout the growing season and occasionally during winter.

Hard water

Hard water

In most of our homes, water is hard, due to the large amounts of minerals dissolved in it. This is visible as powdery white residue that forms when the water dries on surfaces.

Over time, these salts accumulate in the soil and make it difficult for the plants to take up nutrients and water.

Repotting or flushing the soil with distilled water once a year, in general, will help the nutrients in the fertiliser to be easily absorbed your plants.

Expert Tip

Avoid overwatering your arid plants. Cacti and succulents need to dry between waterings and to receive plenty of sunlight. Too much water makes the tissue soft and easily attacked by fungi.
Cactus or not a cactus?

Cactus or not a cactus?

Some plants are not cacti despite their common names. The Christmas cactus, the Easter cactus and the orchid cactus are actually tropical plants originating in tropical forests. They require different conditions than arid plants, and will actually benefit from being watered regularly.


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