Palm Fertiliser

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Water soluble, specialist palm fertilizer in a 500g tub.

Palms have special fertilizing requirements compared to other plants. We’ve consulted with growers in the USA and Europe to develop a special fertilizer designed for their needs.

The unique formulation is suitable for all species of palm trees whether large or small, indoor or outdoor, potted or in the ground.

It can be safely used for both indoor and outdoor palm trees.

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How To Apply Palm Fertiliser

How To Apply Palm Fertiliser

Dissolve 5 grams (one level teaspoon) into 5 litres of water and water every 7-10 days during the growth period for a healthy growth of all your palm trees.

This applies to both palms planted in the ground and those in pots. Water slowly to allow the water to be absorbed by the soil, especially for palms in pots.



Keep out the reach of children.

Could be harmful if swallowed.

Avoid prolonged contact with skin.

Wear gloves when handling.

Remove and wash well any contaminated clothes.

Wash hands and exposed skin before any other activities.

In case of eye contact, flush with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Contact your GP or a pharmacist if the symptoms persist.

12 customer reviews for Palm Fertiliser

Delivered on time with good communication throughout
Good price
Looking forward to good results for my palms

Justine D.

Easy to use and dissolves well. Time will tell if it’s any good!

Claire R.

I found the Fertilizer I got from the Palm centre the very best on the market will always trust them and buy from them again

Clive Jeffery

I bought some palm food from the Palm Centre over the phone. They couldnt have been more helpful and gave very useful advice. The delivery didnt go according to plan and was sorted out by them immediately. Looking forward to visiting in the spring.


My palm tree was almost dead, had just one healthy leaflet left. I tried everything even cattle poo. Just in time palm fertiliser arrived from palm centre. Saved its life. It grew a new leaf and some roots, before all the roots dead. I can highly recommend also for bamboo, camellias and crotons as a maintenance fertiliser.


Growing a palm is a new experience for me, but the Palm Fertiliser certainly seems to do the trick as the tree is flourishing in it spot! Thank you.

Peter B-C

Excellent product palm tree looking much healthier now I have correct feed.


I bought a palm tree and within a few weeks it was failing. I bough this product from your website. The palm is thriving-Thank You

John Teasdale

Bought 3 boxes of Palm Fert. Disolves ok but results are poor and no different to much cheaper products. Postage quite expensive and delivery slow

Palm Centre Reply: We are very sorry to hear that our fertiliser did not fulfill your requirements. We would appreciate if you could contact us to explain the circumstances in which you used the fertiliser, type of plants used on, etc. Thank you.


My potted mini Chusan Palm was not growing and turning yellow. Tried various plant food and Epsom salts, nothing worked. After only 2 feeds of palm fertiliser the green colour is coming back and theres new shoots appearing.


Since using this fertilizer, my palms have grown exponentially faster. Last year well over 2 feet growth was recorded.


I always buy my Palm Fertiliser from The Palm Centre and find that it adds just the right ingredients to ensure good growth during the summer months

Ivan Yardley