Bamboo Growth Fuel

slow release fertiliser for all bamboos


NPK: 24-8-16

Slow release bamboo fertiliser in a 400g tub.

This specially formulated fertiliser can make a real difference to the growth and health of all bamboos. Bamboo Growth Fuel slow release fertiliser will supply all the nutrients your bamboos need over a period of six months.

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How to apply the fertiliser

How to apply the fertiliser

Apply every 4-6 months, spreading evenly at the surface. Water as normal immediately after applying to ensure good contact with soil.

Using disposable gloves, spread evenly 50 grams per square meter when using for plants in the ground.

For potted plants, adjust the quantities as indicated on the label. Use about 10 grams (equivalent of 2 level teaspoons) for every 10 cm (3 inches) of pot diameter. E.g. if your pot is 40 cm diameter, use 40 grams (8 teaspoons).

For square planters calculate the surface by multiplying width and length in cm, and multiply by 0.005 to get the quantity in grams required. E.g. if your planter is 100 cm in length and 40 cm in width, the quantity required is 100 cm x 40 cm x 0.005 = 20 grams (4 teaspoons). 

Some plants are hungrier than others, but overfeeding can lead to soil poisoning and it should be avoided at all cost. Do not apply more than indicated on the label.

When to apply the fertiliser

When to apply the fertiliser

Bamboo Growth Fuel is a fertiliser that is best to be applied in early spring, when the growth season of the bamboo starts. For best results mix the contents of the jar before applying, as some of the finer components may settle at the bottom.



Keep out the reach of children.

Could be harmful if swallowed.

Avoid prolonged contact with skin.

Wear gloves when handling. Remove and wash well contaminated clothes.

Wash hands and exposed skin before any other activities.

In case of eye contact, flush with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Contact your GP or a pharmacist if the symptoms persist.


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