Fern Growth Fuel

water soluble fern and tree ferns fertiliser


NPK: 18-16-12

Fern growth Fuel is a water soluble fern fertiliser in a 500g tub.

All ferns can benefit greatly from the addition of a Fern Growth Fuel fertiliser which can be double the speed at which they grow.

This easy to use formulation has been specially developed to maximise growth, maintain colour and ensure a strong healthy plant.

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How to apply the fertiliser

How to apply the fertiliser

Dissolve 5 grams (one level teaspoon) into 5 litres of water and water every 7-10 days during the growth period. Water slowly to allow the water to be absorbed by the soil, especially for plants in pots.

When watering plants in pots, water the pot slowly until the water comes out through the drainage holes.

Do not use a stronger concentration of fertiliser to water as this may burn the delicate roots of the ferns.

When to apply the fertiliser

When to apply the fertiliser

Fern fertiliser should be applied during the active growth period of the ferns. Since the root system of the ferns is very fibrous and dense, excess fertiliser will accumulate around the roots and crystalize. This leads to salts accumulation around the ferns roots preventing them from accessing water and other essential nutrients from the soil.

Active growth period for ferns starts when the temperatures are constant above 10 degrees. This may vary however from place to place. In general, active growth season is considered March to October.

Using the fern fertiliser for tree ferns

Using the fern fertiliser for tree ferns

The fertiliser can be used for tree ferns (Dicksonia and Cyathea ferns) as well. When feeding the plants, make sure you water at the top of the tree fern, in the crown. Water slowly to ensure that water gets absorbed in the trunk.

Do not overfeed, make sure you follow the correct dosage of fertiliser to water, as stronger solutions may burn the delicate roots of the tree ferns.



Keep out the reach of children.

Could be harmful if swallowed.

Avoid prolonged contact with skin.

Wear gloves when handling. Remove and wash well contaminated clothes.

Wash hands and exposed skin before any other activities.

In case of eye contact, flush with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Contact your GP or a pharmacist if the symptoms persist.


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