SB Plant Invigorator

SB Plant Invigorator is a 2 in 1 ready to apply solution for pest control and at the same time a foliar feed for all house plants.

The spray is designed to bring plants to full health and vigour without allowing the pests to develop resistance.

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Species / Cultivar:
NOT FOR PUBLIC USE. to be replaced.


Shake well the bottle before using. Apply weekly the SB Plant Invigorator on both sides of the leaves for maximum effect. x

Although very well tolerated by most plants, on certain delicate plant species frequent applications might result in small amount of leaf and petal scorch where the product accumulates at run off points.

Avoid keeping treated plants in direct sunlight.

Expert Tip

In case of heavy infestation, apply every at 2-3 day intervals for about a week before moving to a weekly application. This ensures that all the pests will be cleared from leaves. 


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