Houseplant Focus

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Houseplant Focus is specifically formulated to encourage healthy growth and abundant flowering of all indoor houseplants.

It is a carefully balanced formula with all essential nutrients. Houseplant Focus is manufactured from the purest and most soluble mineral salts, and enriched with concentrated organic plant acids and seaweed extracts.


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Use 5 ml of Houseplant Focus concentrated solution for every litre of water. Apply with every other watering throughout the year.

Use half strength (5 ml for every 2 litres of water) for plants that are more delicate like prayer plants and indoor ferns.


Hard water

Hard water

In most of our homes, water is hard, due to the large amounts of minerals dissolved in it. This is visible as powdery white residue that forms when the water dries on surfaces.

Over time, these salts accumulate in the soil and make it difficult for the plants to take up nutrients and water.

Repotting or flushing the soil with distilled water once a year, in general, will help the nutrients in the fertiliser to be easily absorbed your plants.

Expert Tip

Always use a lower than recommended dose for plants that are more delicate like prayer plants and indoor ferns. Their delicate root systems can be burnt by strong concentrations of fertiliser.
Use as a mist

Use as a mist

Houseplant Focus is ideal if you have a collection of houseplants including anthuriums, ferns, dracaenas, ficus, palms, poinsettias, as well as cacti, succulents and bromeliads. As most houseplants are of tropical origin they will respond and thrive with regular spraying which creates higher humidity because in centrally heated houses humidity is low especially in the winter.

So, additionally to using Houseplant Focus it is advisable to spray or mist houseplants regularly (two to three times a week) with soft water, Houseplant Myst or Houseplant Focus diluted at 5 ml per two litres.


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