Monstera adansonii

Monkey Mask

The lesser known ‘Monkey Mask’ Monstera. Differentiated from M. deliciosa by its smaller size and its different form of perforations (holes) in the foliage, which stay within the edges of the leaves, and even occurs in younger plants.

With a little interior design experimentation, these plants are brilliant to add a little flair to your home. Trail them from a tall shelf, let the foliage wrap around a beam or banister, grow it up a moss pole or droop it from a basket held up by macram̩ Рthe possibilities are endless.

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Expert Tip

Unlike M. deliciosa, Monstera adansonii develops fenestration from the early stages of its growth.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Allow the top few centimetres of soil to dry out between watering and do not leave to sit in water. Ensure it is kept away from dry air to avoid leaf edge browning.

If you’re looking for a Monstera with leaf fenestration that doesn’t occupy as much space as M. deliciosa, Monstera adansonii is the perfect plant for you.


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