Scindapsus ‘Golden Pothos’

Devil's Ivy, Pothos Plant

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A delightfully marbled white and green form of the tough, South East Asian classic, known as ‘Golden Pothos’.

Devil’s Ivy is almost impossible to kill and is incredibly easy to propagate, making it a forgiving plant for new houseplant owners to grow and experiment with cultivating, but nonetheless fascinating and attractive enough to compliment the collections of the more green fingered collectors.


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Origin: Asia, Australia, Pacific
Genus: Scindapsus
Species / Cultivar: aureus 'Golden Pothos'
Common Name: Devil's Ivy, Pothos Plant
Synonym: Epipremnum aureum

Plant Biography

Native to the French Polynesian Society Islands, specifically the island of Mo’orea, it is so prolific that it has become naturalised in tropical environments across the globe and has become one of the most popular houseplants in temperate regions.

When it was first described in 1880 it was named Pothos aureus, which is why it is often known simply as ‘Pothos’.

With a little interior design experimentation, these plants are brilliant to add a little flair to your home. Trail them from a tall shelf, let the foliage wrap around a beam or banister, grow it up a moss pole, droop it from a basket held up by macramé, or even pin the foliage so it grows spread out up a wall – the possibilities are endless.

Scindapsus 'Golden Pothos'
Light: Bright Indirect
This plant likes sun, but keep out of direct sunlight. Best placed in an area near a window.
Temperature: >12°C
Temperature range at which this plant is healthiest and grows best.
Growth Rate: Fast
Capable of prolific growth, especially during growing season.
Water Requirement: Regular Watering
Water when soil surface is dry to the touch. Water must draining easily away.
Humidity: Medium
Easygoing in regular home conditions, keep away from cold draughts and heat sources.
Maintenance: Low
Requires no attention beyond correct position and watering. An ideal starter plant!

Expert Tip

An extremely easy houseplants to grow, certainly amongst the most unkillable. It prefers to grow in bright indirect light, but is also tolerant of extremely low light levels and, unusually, can keep its variegation in those conditions - hence its nickname 'Devil's Ivy'.
A Very Shy Flower

A Very Shy Flower

Scindapsus aureus can technically flower, but if you’re struggling to get yours to bloom, don’t worry you’re not alone as there have been no reports of anyone seeing S. aureus flower naturally since 1962, both in the wild and in naturally in cultivation.

There are a few factors contributing to this strange fact. Firstly, only a truly mature Pothos is theoretically able to flower – at which point its leaves will have grown up to a stunning metre in length, and its vines will have climbed up to the top of the tree canopy, having grown to about 20 metres in length.

Even when it has fully matured, S. aureus pretty much never flowers – largely because it doesn’t need to.

These plants have mostly stopped producing the hormones they require to flower, which would diversify its gene pool, because of how perfectly adapted it is for its habitat. Instead, it reproduces in the wild in the same way you would propagate it at home. Fallen branches and leaves, much like cuttings, root themselves in the ground and a new clone is formed.

In labs they have been coaxed to flower with the growth hormones which they naturally lack the genes to make. Ultimately though, they’re so successful in their environment that keeping their genetics identical is what keeps their success so uninterrupted.

Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Water your Pothos when the top few centimetres of soil feel dry to the touch, and do not leave it to sit in water for long periods of time.

These plants are happy in average humidity, though like most tropical plants should be kept away from heat sources. Giving it an occasional shower will help get rid of any dust build up on the leaves.

In the wild these climbers can grow to an impressive 20 metres tall, but if it grows too big for your space it’s simple to trim. These cuttings root very readily in water and can be propagated with great ease.

Great condition. Havent seen this cultivar before, very happy seeing it irl. Very quick responses and delivery. Thanks!!

Malaika B.

Great condition. Havent seen this cultivar before, very happy seeing it irl. Very quick responses and delivery. Thanks!!


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