Phlebodium aureum ‘Blue Star’

Blue Star Fern, golden polypody

Phlebodium Blue Star is a striking blue-green tropical fern that is easy to maintain and will make a bold statement in contrast to any other houseplant.

A perfect plant for a hanging basket or a table top pot.

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Expert Tip

Avoid leaving water on the leaves and the crown. Mist the creeping rhizomes that want to escape the pot. This will provide the plant with much needed moisture.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

There is no real need to repot this plant, as it needs little to no soil at all. If severely pot bound, it can be moved in a slightly larger pot which can be backfilled with a mix of bark, charcoal, sharp sand, and leaf mould. An orchid growth medium is also a good choice for this plant.

Keep it well watered in a high humidity environment (kitchen, bathroom), away from direct sunlight. Fertilise every other month with an organic balanced fertiliser diluted to half the strength.

Inspect periodically the plant for scale insects, as the plant is a favourite host for them.

Divide et impera

Divide et impera

The hairy tentacles creeping out of the pot are an essential part of the plant and should not be removed. These are the rhizomes that creep out of the pot in an attempt to secure the plant further to its growing medium.

When severely pot bound, the plant can be divided and planted in small pots. To do that carefully remove the plant from its pot, use a clean sharp knife and cut the plant in 2-3 pieces making sure each piece has a portion of the root system and the shoot system.

Expert Tip

A Blue Star Fern is sensitive to salts and other residues left by fertilizer, minerals and chemicals like chloramine. Consider using filtered or distilled water. Use room temperature water to avoid chilling the roots.


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