Howea forsteriana

Kentia Palm, Sentry Palm, Palm Court Palm, Thatch Palm

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Known commonly as the Kentia palm, thatch palm or the palm court palm, they have graced hallways, hotel lobbies and ‘Palm Court’ tea rooms with their gorgeous drooping fronds since Victorian times.

Howea forsteriana provides lush upright growth with minimal care requirements, making it one of our most frequently recommended indoor palms.

Origin: Lord Howe Island
Genus: Howea
Species / Cultivar: forsteriana
Common Name: Kentia Palm, Sentry Palm, Palm Court Palm, Thatch Palm
Synonym: Kentia forseteriana

Plant Biography

Endemic to Lord Howe Island in Australia, they were identified by Italian naturalist Odoardo Beccari and became popular in the 1870s when seed exports started. Queen Victoria even had them cultivated in all of her homes and, after her death, placed around her coffin while she lay in state.

They have remained one of the most popular palms to keep indoors in the UK, providing a lush tropical appearance whilst being incredibly tough and easy to look after.

Kentia Palms are a perfect first choice for anyone looking to start an indoor palm collection.

Howea forsteriana
Light: Medium
This plant likes a spot further away from bright windows, but still lit by natural light.
Soil: Indoor Potting Mix
Enjoys moist well drained soil with composted organics and some drainage material.
Temperature: >10°C
Temperature range at which this plant is healthiest and grows best.
Growth Rate: Slow
Expect to see quite small amounts of growth over the years.
Final Size: Tall
Final size will work as a large stand-alone specimen plant.
Water Requirement: Light Watering
Water when several cm of soil depth is dry to the touch. Water must draining easily away.
Humidity: Medium
Easygoing in regular home conditions, keep away from cold draughts and heat sources.
Maintenance: Low
Requires no attention beyond correct position and watering. An ideal starter plant!

Expert Tip

Known commonly as the Kentia palm, thatch palm or the palm court palm, they have graced hallways, hotel lobbies and 'Palm Court' tea rooms with their gorgeous drooping fronds since Victorian times. Howea forsteriana provides lush upright growth with minimal care requirements, making it one of our most frequently recommended indoor palms.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

The mass popularity of Howea forstersiana during the Victorian era was in part due to how well they thrive in low light, low humidity and, importantly for the Victorians, in areas with poor air quality!

When buying a Kentia from us, you’re actually getting several Kentia plants in one pot. It’s often assumed that they’re multi-stemmed plants like Rhapis excelsa, but in their natural habitat Kentia Palms actually grow only a solitary trunk.

We are delighted with the two Howea forsteriana palms, both well packaged and looking very healthy . Thank you.

Elizabeth W.

We are delighted with the two Howea forsteriana palms, both well packaged and looking very healthy . Thank you.

90 customer reviews for Howea forsteriana

I chose this palm as it can tolerate some shade and some neglect which suited me and the space that is wanted for.
Arrived well packaged, on time and in excellent condition.
I don’t think this is a house plant purchase I can sneak in without my husband noticing.. it makes a real statement!
I promise to look after it, thank you Palm Centre.

Shona B. (verified owner)

Being over 1.8metres tall, I was worried about damage to the plant in transit. I was delighted to find the plant was well protected and has arrived in excellent condition. A real statement of a plant that now graces my hallway.
Many thanks

John Black

John B. (verified owner)

We are delighted with the two Howea forsteriana palms, both well packaged and looking very healthy . Thank you.

Elizabeth W.

I normally do not buy online from any shop but I have visited The Palm House in the past and have always been impressed with the quality and variety of your plants. My online purchase with you has been very rewarding: a beautiful plant and excellent service.

Susana M. (verified owner)

Gorgeous and healthy plant, arrived well packaged and very quickly!

Abi S. (verified owner)

Thank you guys
What an epic edition to the house, packed and delivered with care. So pleased with this beauty.
5 stars to you and the team.
Stay safe
The Davies family Portsmouth

Karl D. (verified owner)

Fast delivery, beautiful plant and arrived in perfect condition.

Jaudan I. (verified owner)

Goods exactly as described, delivered as stated in perfect condition.

Ewan S. (verified owner)

Both delivered individually and beautifully packed – excellent service

MICHAEL S. (verified owner)

This beautiful palm has exceeded expectations, its stunning and just adds something utterly wonderful to a room. The quality from this company just makes me want to reorder so many more varieties of exotics.

Kate H. (verified owner)

Goodmorning, just received our palm – absolutely love it, looks very grand in our lounge. Tall and healthy. Will definitely use Palm Centre again……

maureen P. (verified owner)

Couldnt be more please. Absolute delight to deal with The Palm Centre.
Great prices , description , communication, delivery , packaging and the plant itself just looks amazing.
Seriously wish there was more I wanted at the moment , will definitely be back for future requirements , thank you.

Simon M. (verified owner)

Arrived exactly as we Imagined. Really good quality and comes with a care guide. Would definitely recommend palm centre.

Matthew B. (verified owner)

Looks very healthy on arrival. Well packaged, Good communication and careful delivery. Very happy thank you.

Deborah D. (verified owner)

It arrived in excellent condition, despite being sent out on Friday and arriving on Monday – the soil was still moist. Looks lovely in my parlour.

Iain R. (verified owner)

very good quality and very tall 2m plus spot on service very well packet

David M. (verified owner)

Great palm, 180cms tall, delivered in less than 24 hours.

Mark L. (verified owner)


I get used to plant orders not quite living up to expectation but this was an exceptional difference. The palm arrived in the best packaging Ive encountered: very cleverly done. It is of excellent quality and more-than-matched the description. The price was very competitive.

Im very impressed.

Richard H. (verified owner)

Really beautiful statement plant. Looks fantastic in our room.

Chris J. (verified owner)

Last sunday I ordered my Howea forsteriana from you going mainly by the very good reviews written by other reciepiants of this same kind of plant. As informed my olant arrived on Friday,5 days from the order and most beautifully and carefully packaged.On opening and taking out my plant I was so very impressed, not only the size and superb condition,knowing it had travelled far…… and yet unalike plants seen in my own local Garden Centres,this plant did not have a mark,bruise or anything detrimental on anyone of its many lush leaves. You can purchase from this company with complete ease and trust in an excellant service with the most beautiful plant of choice at the recieving end. Looking forward to nurturing and caring for the above. A very big thank you to ALL whom were involved. Joan

Joan Jaap (verified owner)

Great service from ordering to answering queries and final delivery.

Christopher M.

I love my new palm. It is verdant, healthy and luscious. I am very pleased. Thank you.

Katie M.

I read various reviews for The Palm Centre (Richmond, London-you can visit them if you wish) and was impressed particularly by two things: the quality of the plants and the packaging. I ordered an 80cm tall Kentia Palm cluster of 4 potted plants, (The Palm Centre offer various sizes of this plant according to your needs and pocket), and as hoped for the plant quality and care taken in packaging was first class. You can get cheaper elsewhere but I advise to beware of the trade in quality and, from reviews I read, even of company reliability to honour their side of the transaction. I placed the order on bank holiday Monday 6 May and the plants were delivered to my home in North Hertfordshire at 7am on Friday 10 May. The courier left the plants on our doorstep rather than ringing the bell. Perhaps he thought we were not up and about so did not want to disturb us. Thank you to the Palm Centre: An excellent website, great rapid service and lovely cared for plants.

Ian L.

Excellent plant and well packaged, combined with a very helpful and efficient service.

colin W. (verified owner)

Plant arrived very promptly and in good condition.
Not quite as tall as the one ordered a year ago but will soon grow, Im sure.

Kate D. (verified owner)

First order of three palms from the palm centre and all arrived in pristine condition. They’re absolutely stunning. Will certainly be buying more.

Stephen T. (verified owner)

Buying a plant unseen, particularly when it has to be delivered by a courier, can be risky, but not so with the two palms we bought from The Palm Centre. They both looks amazingly healthy, well balanced proportion-wise and we will be ordering more soon!

Michelle B. (verified owner)

This is the third plant purchased from this company, they have all arrived in perfect condition and on time. The quality is fabulous. My earlier purchase has grown so well and really healthy, would not buy from anyone else as you get exactly what you want and order. Thankyou

Glynis R. (verified owner)

Stunning and healthy plant – clearly grown and oackaged with love. Delighted with every aspect.

Gillian R. (verified owner)

The plant was in perfect condition, well packaged and at 1.3m exactly as described. Excellent courier, gave 2 hour time slot.

Peter W.

I received this palm and noticed how carefully it had been packed to ensure it arrived safely. It is now in its new position, and I have just fed it with your special palm feed, which it immediately responded to. I appreciate it takes some time for it to feel at home in its new environment, but it is looking very fine and happy, and is a lovely shape and very healthy. My recent experience with Department store palms has been disappointing, having once successfully kept a Kentia palm for many years, until it outgrew the house! So, I am hoping that buying from an expert in Kentia palms is the secret – buying quality in the first place. I was also pleased to have it at a reduced price. Many thanks.

Kathryn Gray

Beautiful healthy plant that looks wonderful.

Peter Field

The Palm Centre is excellent in Palms & Cycads! I`m very content!

Herbert Jonsson

Absolutely lovely plant, much bigger and better than I expected. It came beautifully packaged and now looks marvellous in my living room. In fact I liked it so much I purchased a smaller one for another room.

Barbara Woollcott

I have just recieved my new palm and it is so beautiful. It was by far the best price and best quality plant I have seen and I have been researching everywhere for one in my house. I am really impressed with the palm centre great communication to the customer, excellent delivery and a great product.


Plant arrived quickly and in excellent condition. 2 weeks on and Ive still not managed to kill it yet so it must be very healthy!

Diane Scott

The plants arrived in a very reasonable time, were exceptionally well packaged and were in fabulous condition.

Simon Debell

Plant arrived in beautiful condition & very well packed. Arrived late due to extreme weather conditions but well worth the wait. Now thinking of what I can order for the terrace.

Barry Lawson

The palm arrived quickly and is a beautiful plant in great condition. Well deserved five stars.

Thelma Harvey

Both of the Kentia Palms that I ordered arrived in immaculate condition, beautifully packaged. They are huge, healthy and thriving. Ill be buying all my palms and houseplants here in future.


The Kentia Palm was dispatched and arrived very quickly. The packaging was very protective and the palm was in beautiful condition and just as I hoped. It is now adorning my study and admired by friends!


Having bought a palm several months ago and being delighted with it, we decided to buy another. The quality of the plants can not be faulted. They arrived well packaged with prompt delivery. We would not hesitate to make further purchases from The Palm Centre.

J.A. Gardner

Very nice product. Delivery prompt!


Stunning plant, great service. Couldnt be happier with my beautiful palm.


Receved my plant today very well packed and protected when opened what a lovely lush plant will defiantly but from the palm centre again thank you

christine Pearce

Beautiful plant and perfect condition. Well packaged and quick delivery. Highly recommend


What a beautiful plant! Thank you so much for your care and attention. you are now the only place that I will buy my house plants from. better than A*.

ruth simpson

Beautiful plant but unfortunately let down by packaging. The packaging staples went through onto the plant.
They were difficult to get off and some of the leaves are now significantly damaged.

Palm Centre Reply:
Thank you for your feedback. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this situation. Our colleagues try to be
careful when packing the plants for shipping, however it rarely happens that the packaging staples go through
and pierce the plant. Well be in touch over email to correct the issue.


I purchased this, with a classic Lechuza pot with watering system, as a gift. The palm is a beautiful specimen and everything was delivered punctually and very well packaged indeed. Excellent service. Thank you.

Jenny F

Beautiful palm, carefully packaged, arrived quickly and in great condition. Thank you!!

Irina von Wiese

I received the best-looking Howea I have seen, let alone owned, in my life. Its enough on its own to turn a drab English grey day into a sultry tropical grey day instead.


Our H. forsteriana arrived quickly and in perfect condition. It is a very beautiful plant, quite soothing to look at.

A Garza

Very happy with our beautiful Kentia Palm. It arrived very quickly and in wonderful condition.

Jackie Roberts

We recently ordered three Howea Palms for our office, based in Jersey and have to say that prior to payment and despatch the assistance we received was excellent. When the Palms arrived they were superbly packaged and came out looking fresh and full and well hydrated after their long journey – Really impressed and would certainly recommend The Palm Centre.

Touchstone (C.I.) Limited

Very pleased with our new Kentia Palm. It arrived earlier than expected, looks perfect, and I suspect itll have a few friends joining it soon. Thank you Palm Centre, the garden looks great, and now the inside is on the way too!


Thanks to Toby and Ellie in particular, for their kind support, care and attention, resulting in a beautiful Kentia Palm specimen arriving in peak condition. Purchased many other bigger palms as well! Would highly recommend the PalmCentre to anyone who likes the personal touch, and caring people with good ethics and keen pricing. Prash


Having had two Kentia palms for years I decided, after moving to a larger property, that more were in order. I ordered five from the palm centre. The quality is great as was the customer service.

Hamilton SW

Received our plants today. Very quick delivery and the plants were in great condition. very healthy and super green compared to some we saw in our local garden centre. Pot was damaged in transit but thats ok. Very happy and will order some more for the living room now.

Ian Travell

stunning plant arrived promptly and well protected. very pleased

indoor plant lover

Beautiful palm. Packed tightly I expected it to be delicate but no its very sturdy and flourishing in its new pot looking lovely in my box window.

Maureen Reid

Excellent plants ,healthy and well protected..will certainly buy from you again


Dispatch was delayed due to cold weather. When the temperature increased, the plant arrived, very well wrapped & in good condition. It seems happy in my lounge, hopefully it will last a long time.


Beautiful, healthy plant, exactly as described. Excellent delivery service. Will definitely buy from The Palm Centre again and recommend them to friends.

Carol D.

The Palm was delayed in despatch due to frosty nights. Proves to me that the Palm Centre take great careof their plants. The Palm is brilliant with loads of green glossy leaves. It is postioned in our south facing lounge but out of direct sunlight. Will buy a different Palm for our North facing Conservatory when built!

Mike Hardy

Cant fault it. The plant travelled the length of the country in 48 hours and is absolutely beautiful. Not a single blemish on several hundred leaves.


Great delivery. The HFO-15 arrived in perfect condition. Not a leaf out of place. Its a large plant which looks magnificent in my conservatory.


Very nice plant, which arrived in perfect condition. If only I had waited for the sale…

Andy H

Cant fault it!! Perfect plant & perfectly delivered!


Absolutely gorgeous plant! Was delivered very quickly and was very well packaged. Very pleased

Sue Gould

Bought the next to largest Kentia Palm, fantastic large palm that looks fantastic in our lounge. Arrived within a couple of days, was very well wrapped and watered. Completely free from any transit damage and in a very healthy condition. I would highly recommend this company as they are obviously the experts in their field.

Jim Pearson

Delighted with Kentia palm. Very impressive plant. Arrived in excellent condition, well packed and protected. Would buy from The Palm Centre again.

Gordon Lyons

excellent palm in beautiful condition – just like the photograph. delivery was very fast & it was packaged fantastically. cannot recommend highly enough.

susie hm

All four Kentias arrived tightly packed in only a couple of days and in superb condition. A little expensive but far better quality and service than any other merchant I have found.

Michael Stevens

Good delivery and plants exactly as described

Chris Pye

Plant arrived very safely and in lovely condition. Would definitely buy off this site again.


Plant arrived safe and very healthy. Carefully wrapped. Looks lovely. Took about 10 days to arrive.

Georgina Romano

Plant arrived safely, expertly wrapped. Looks very elegant in my conservatory.

Ann Wilkinson

Good palm tree just right size for our living room. Excellent service and outstanding delivery.

Naoko Fader

Pleased with quality and size of plant .Exceeded expectations. Very well packed.

derrick moore

Received my palm in excellent condition, just like the picture.


I was hesitant in placing an online order for a live plant as you never know what you will get. I was very wrong. I ordered 2 Kentia Palm 170-190 cm on Saturday evening. By Wednesday two beautiful and very healthy plants were delivered in my flat from The Palm Centre. I am very impressed of the excellent packing, the high level quality of the plants, and the professional and very quick response to delivery my order. I recommend The Palm Centre, and I will definitely purchase plants from this store again.


This really is an excellent company with a very professional approach to customer service as well as excellent products. I came across them by accident and was initially worried about ordering a number of big plants to be delivered but Ive now ordered a number for various properties (I run a letting agency in Edinburgh so often need to furnish flats) and every time Im yet again impressed. Ill continue to order from this company.


Excellent service, super quick delivery & well packaged – all 3 Kentia Palms look stunning. Thank you…!!!


Superb quality, well packaged. Plants arrived in top condition. They are fabulous!

Anne Corstorphine

Prompt delivery. Well packaged. Soil was lovely and moist. The plant was very healthy and exactly as it is in the picture. It looks lovely in my conservatory. Will definitely use it again.


Howea forsteriana Kentia Palm This magnificent thatch palm arrived in perfect condition. It had been so well wrapped and cared for that it came out of the wrapping without losing a leaf or any soil! It is a real bargain! I ordered HFO-10 which was on sale for £59.95. I only wish I had a bigger room so that I could order another one! I will definitely be buying from the Palm Centre again and would recommend them to anyone wanting a perfect palm!

Chris Whitehead

I received my lovely palm so carefully wrapped.It looks splendid in my living room and I just want to care for it to keep it happy.


My 2 plants arrived today and I am very pleased with my purchases! They are both (Kentia palm and Lady palm) in beautiful condition and were beautifully packed. Thank you!


Received the palm today and it is stunning. Very healthy and well protected during delivery. A great size, the photos on the website do not do it justice. Thanks for another speedy delivery and another great palm to add to my collection.


I have had many of these over my many years of keeping ornamental palms. It is a classic and the one I purchased last year from The Palm Centre is a really well-grown one of the type. It graces most styles of home decor and is quite easy to keep looking good.

Colin in Cheshire