Archontophoenix alexandrae

Alexandra palm, king palm, Northern Bangalow palm, or feather palm

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The Alexandra Palm is a majestic, solitary trunked palm from the rainforests of Queensland and a familiar sight to travellers throughout the Mediterranean where it is commonly grown as a street tree and in parks.

A beautiful feather leafed palm with glossy green leaflets, silvery grey beneath, and eventually a clean ringed trunk topped by a crownshaft.

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Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

Archontophoenix alexandrae is a tricky customer to please as a houseplant, needing high light levels, a bouyant, humid atmosphere and space! Far better to grow it in a conservatory or, especially, an atrium where it can be given the headroom it requires.

Though ultimate height may scare some people, when kept as a houseplant, the Alexandra palm will have a slower rate of growth and usually won’t outgrow its space.

Keep the soil damp and water when the surface is dry to touch. Make sure to drain the decorative pot to avoid the palm’s roots to sit in water, as this leads very quickly to root rot. Mist occasionally to provide some extra moisture in the air around the plant.

Use a weak solution of palm tree fertiliser in spring and summer to encourage luscious green growth.

Clean the leaves with a damp cloth to remove dust clogging the pores, or even a good shower every other month.

1 customer review for Archontophoenix alexandrae

Palm arrived in good condition but due to no water for days several Fons had died

Peter Hanger (verified owner)