Licuala grandis

Ruffled Fan Palm, Palas palm

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Licuala grandis is one of the most elegant small palm trees that, with the right care, makes an instant statement. Rarely offered for sale, as it’s considered sometimes a finicky plant, it grew in popularity in the past few years and it’s very sought after by interior designers and plant enthusiasts alike.

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Expert Tip

Give the palm tree a shower with tepid water every month to keep the leaves clean. In summer, it can be taken outside for a quick shower in the rain.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

In its natural environment, the Licuala grandis thrives in the shade, however in the Northern hemisphere, in indoor settings, bright indirect light is preferred.

An elegant palm, that will make an instant statement wherever placed. It grows at an incredibly slow rate and requires a bit more attention than other indoor palm trees.

A rich soil is required to keep the shallow root system happy. A spritz of water every other day will prevent brown tips from forming.

Palm Factoid

The seeds of Licuala grandis can take sometimes up to 3 years to germinate, provided the right conditions, which is constant temperature at about 35 degrees and rich moist compost.

2 customer reviews for Licuala grandis

Beautiful plant! Arrived undamaged and fits in so nicely in my loft room. Very happy!

Di (verified owner)

Nice, healthy plant received today, identical to the photo on the website. Very well protected in the package and arrived undamaged the day after dispatched.

Alan Hunter (verified owner)