Pilea peperomioides

Chinese money plant, pancake plant

Originating from China, the Chinese Money Plant is an attractive species that has developed a devoted following for its gorgeous, green disk-like foliage and ease of care.

Pilea peperomioides is perfect for any indoor position with bright indirect light.

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Origin: Southern China
Genus: Pilea
Species / Cultivar: peperomioides
Common Name: Chinese money plant, pancake plant

Plant Biography

The Chinese money plant has been propagated by enthusiasts , yet had not been formally described as a species. It took more than 80 years from its discovery to get a scientific name and to be recognised as a new species. Since, the species has gained the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit in 2017.

Although rare in the wild and almost endangered, Pilea peperomioides has gain the attention of plants enthusiasts all over the world, creating a massive buzz in social media around it due to its unusual shape. In a very short span of time, it became one of the most popular houseplants and it seems its fame is nowhere near its peak.

The visual comparison to a multiplying pile of coins might have suggested the folk belief that the plant brings luck and prosperity to the home.

Pilea peperomioides
Light: Bright Indirect
This plant likes sun, but keep out of direct sunlight. Best placed in an area near a window.
Temperature: 10 - 25°C
Temperature range at which this plant is healthiest and grows best.
Growth Rate: Fast
Capable of prolific growth, especially during growing season.
Final Size: Small
Will stay small enough for a desk or shelf.
Water Requirement: Light Watering
Water when several cm of soil depth is dry to the touch. Water must draining easily away.
Humidity: Medium
Easygoing in regular home conditions, keep away from cold draughts and heat sources.
Maintenance: Low
Requires no attention beyond correct position and watering. An ideal starter plant!
Eventual Height: 0.5m
The plant's ultimate height in typical growing conditions.
Eventual Spread: 0.4m
The plant's ultimate spread in typical growing conditions.

Expert Tip

If it outgrows its position, it is easy to prune or divide and propagate into new plants and share the joy of this charming species.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

At maturity, a happy plant reaches up to 50cm tall, and may even produce small white flowers on pink tinged-stems.

Propagation is very easy by plantlets that sprout on the trunk or from underground shoots.

Feed every other week with a mild organic balanced fertiliser.


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