Aloe striatula

Striped-stemmed Aloe

Aloes are shrubby, fleshy-leaved succulents, mainly from South Africa, usually reserved for use in the conservatory or as houseplants. However, Aloe striatula is an exception – it is rather cold resistant in the UK and, if planted with care, it is quite hardy in a south facing, sunny spot in the arid garden.

The narrow leaves are green and fleshy and held on vertical trunks. The gap between the leaves is marked by vertical pencil-like lines. Altogether the Striped-stemmed Aloe is an attractive and unusual plant with a range of uses.

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Expert Tip

Aloe striatula makes for the perfect outdoor or house plant for the absent-minded as they tolerate drought and neglect with a smile.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

A. striatula grows slowly, only to about 50 centimetres tall. Patience is rewarded with attractive yellow flowers which are held vertically. Eventually the single plant will sucker and produce an attractive group.

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Really pleased with my purchase and I’m sure I will be making more. Plant arrived safe and in excellent condition. Also a really nice specimen.

Michelle Y.