Yucca elata

soaptree, palmella

Yucca elata has narrow, dull green leaves and fibres that peel off from along the edges, giving it a very distinctive appearance.

The Soaptree Yucca’s attractiveness as a young plant has led to it being widely used as a conservatory specimen.

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Expert Tip

Yucca elata looks great in a mixed collection of arids in the xerophytic garden or conservatory.
Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

As with other arid plants, grow it outside in the UK in full sun in gritty soil and water generously only during hot and dry weather.

It grows to a good size after a number of years; in the wild it ascends to about 10 metres tall, although of course considerably less in the UK.

Even so, thanks to its great tolerance of cold, it can be grown here, as long the soil is free draining.


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