Canna ‘Tropicanna’

canna lily 'Tropicanna'

Canna ‘Tropicanna’ has become one of the most popular cannas grown worldwide and quite understandably.
Most growers agree that it is a tall, undemanding, robust cultivar with strikingly marked, almost psychedelic foliage topped by huge orange flowers. Given a rich diet and plenty of water in the growing season and protection from winter frost, it is a high octane ‘must have’ splash of colour for any tropical border.

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Care & Size Guidance

Care & Size Guidance

The foliage of ‘Tropicanna’ will reach a height of about 60cm+ but including the flower spikes attain a total of 1.2m. A showy statement feature for a sunny spot, they do best in rich fertile soil or with regular feeding.

They are very sensitive to winter frost: In mild areas they can be left outside in a sunny sheltered position if soil is not too wet and a deep layer of mulch applied. In colder areas they should be lifted after the first Autumn frost, cut back and stored in barely-damp compost in a frost free place for the winter.

Expert Tip

Happy in moist or even boggy ground in summer, they make a great choice for waterside display bedding. However they are also amazing for large well-watered container displays and summer borders.